27th April 2018
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Government looking to boost 457 visa program

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Independent Review of the 457 Visa Scheme


The government has named a panel to review the 457 visa program to look at ways to cut red tape while preserving the integrity of the scheme. The priority will be to help regions and industries facing skill shortages.

The government last week announced an independent review of the 457 visa scheme. The four-person review panel will be looking at ways to enhance the potential of the 457 visa scheme to support struggling industries and regions while still maintaining the integrity of the scheme and stopping rorts. 

So what can employers and prospective subclass 457 visa applicants expect in the very near future?

What’s going to change?

First of all, employers can expect red tape to be cut in industries such as the restaurant and hospitality industry, which is desperately short of skilled staff at present. Also, industries and enterprises based in rural and regional Australia can expect their compliance and administrative burdens in the area of 457 visa applications to be reduced significantly in the next few months. But uniform changes across the system can be expected to benefit all business sponsors of 457 visa applicants.

Employers can expect that the limits on skilled worker visas brought in by the previous government will be scaled back. While the government was keen to flag the need for the integrity of the 457 visa program to be a priority, the main emphasis was definitely on ‘deregulation’ in the service of greater productivity. The government reiterated its intention to keep its election promises and its support for ‘evidence-based productivity reform’. 

What does it mean for me?

So what does this mean for businesses looking for skilled employees and those skilled foreign workers looking for a place in Australia? It means that those businesses with a strong track record of productivity and compliance will benefit from forthcoming changes and should be getting their paperwork in order for a new round of recruitment. 

The panel is scheduled to deliver its report by ‘mid-2014’ – a very short timeframe. 

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