20th April 2018
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Working in Australia

Working in Australia

Australian workers contribute to and share in Australia's wealth as a nation. The Australian government taxes the income of Australian workers, which in turn provides for the common good of all Australians. The Australian government also imposes and enforces laws regarding equal opportunities at work, the wages paid for work and work conditions. Australian workplace laws are aimed at promoting a fair, safe and productive working life for all Australian workers and their employers. 

However, being granted entry to Australia does not automatically guarantee you a job in Australia. Provided the conditions of your visa permit you to work while you are in Australia, you will need to seek paid employment in order to provide an income for yourself and any family members you are bringing with you in migrating to Australia.

The Australian Economy

This integral strength has been emphasised during recent years by its ability to withstand intense financial pressure, both internally and globally. Australia has weathered a major protracted drought, a housing boom, the Asian financial crisis and most recently, the global economic downturn, with impressive durability.

The healthy economic position of Australia on the world stage has been highlighted by recent statistics noting that the unemployment rate has only risen to 5.7 per cent - one of the lowest at present among all advanced economies. Australian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures also enjoy continued success. After 17 consecutive years of consecutive growth, Australia's GDP continues to expand even amidst turbulent global economic conditions, gaining a further 0.50% over the last 12 months. The World Bank currently records Australia's GDP as 1.64% of the world economy.

Matching your skills to the Australian labour market

How quickly you will be able to secure work in Australia depends on certain factors, such as economic conditions, the qualifications and skills you possess, the kind of employment you are seeking and in what area of Australia you are intending to settle and look for work.If you have skills or experience in an occupation where it has been determined there is a skills shortage in the Australian workforce, your chances of finding work will be improved. These occupations are reflected in the current Skilled Occupation Lists available for Skilled  Independent Migration and those available for Skilled Sponsored Migration based on State sponsorship.

To find out how you can do this, or if any conditions relate to the occupation you want to be employed in while in Australia, contact us to today to receive clear and practical migration advice. Our experienced team of migration lawyer / agents can identify up-front the most appropriate Australian visa for your particular situation. 

Every Australian has the ability and the right to seek work within Australia and earn wealth. Whether you are migrating to Australia permanently, temporarily or engaging in a working holiday in Australia, financial security and independence will enable you to fully enjoy the benefits of Australia's free and egalitarian society.

Every Australian has the ability and the right to seek work within Australia and earn wealth. Whether you are migrating to Australia permanently, temporarily or engaging in a working holiday in Australia, financial security and independence will enable you to fully enjoy the benefits of Australia's free and egalitarian society.

Like all nations, the condition of and prospects offered by Australia's labour market rely heavily on the condition of the Australian economy. These times of global economic upheaval have proven that the Australia possesses a modern, flexible and resilient economy and has established it as one of the strongest in the world over the past decade.

In fact, Australia is one of only four advanced economies not to have fallen into technical recession as a result of the global economic crisis. The durability of the Australian economy against the global downturn is due to a combination of factors, not least to the sound financial practices of Australian banking institutions. Australia's banking system remained relatively well-functioning throughout the crisis, providing a buffer from the global financial turmoil. In fact, Australia's four largest bank holding companies are among a group of only nine of the 100 largest banking groups in the world rated AA or above.

China's continued strong demand for Australian commodity exports has also helped to bolster Australia through the global downturn. In fact, export volumes for Australian raw minerals such as ore, coal and gas have increased around 2% since September 2008.

As a result of Australia's sound economic practice and abundant mineral resources, Australia continues to be able to maintain a low inflation rate, which in turn has led to low interest rates. Australia's government net debt is also significantly low, as compared to Europe, Japan and the United States and is amongst the lowest in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

This favourable state of the Australian economy is reflected in the current Australian labour market, which remains vibrant, healthy and competitive. The number of Australians obtaining employment continues to rise while unemployment rates continue to decline, indicating that opportunities to find work within Australian society are readily available.

If you want to undertake a specific kind of work while you are in Australia, it is recommended that you first find out about work prospects in that field and whether any special requirements or conditions apply to the type of work you want to do. For many jobs in Australia, applicants are required to possess qualifications and/or be legally registered with an Australian authority.

If you believe you possess certain skills which are required for a specific type of work you want to do in Australia, you are able to apply to have your skills and qualifications formally recognised by Australian authorities. 

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A. This will vary according to your personal circumstances, such as whether you are bringing family with you to Australia, where you intend to live, whether you have already secured employment in Australia, and other lifestyle choices.

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