23rd March 2018
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Should I employ the services of an Australian based migration agent or one from my country of residence?

Q. Should I employ the services of an Australian based migration agent or one from my country of residence?

 A. Using an Australian based migration provider is the best option. Given the complex nature of Australian immigration law, and the degree and frequency of change to immigration laws and practice, Australian providers are able to offer you the most current and reliable migration advice.

Australian based service providers are required to undergo specific training in Australian immigration laws and procedures.

In order to provide immigration assistance or advice, Australian based providers must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and are subject to its regulations. This means that Australian based service providers are required to attend ‘Continuing Professional Development’ seminars (CDP) on an annual basis.
Overseas based service migration providers are not required to be registered with MARA and as such, there is no requirement that they attend CDP seminars on Australian migration law.

Australian based immigration service providers are therefore more likely to have in-depth knowledge of the latest developments in Australian immigration law, policy and procedures.  This is not the case with overseas migration service providers.

Australian based immigration service providers can easily contact and liaise with the relevant Australian departments and agencies.

Australian providers can easily monitor the progress of your application through agencies such as the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Australian tribunals and/or courts. Thus they are able to keep you informed of the status of your application, including any problems or delays associated with it, and can easily negotiate with the Australian authorities dealing with your case.

Our team consists of qualified lawyers practicing exclusively in Australian migration law. With extensive migration experience ranging from standard visa applications to Australian High Court Appeals, we are able to provide comprehensive, solution focused advice on all aspects of migration law.

As Australian migration lawyers, who are also registered migration agents, we are subject to the dual regulation of both the Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) and the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), so you can be sure that we will apply the highest level of professional legal standard and ethics to your immigration matter.

Also, because we only practice in Australian immigration law, we are able to dedicate all our attention and resources to the practice of this area law. We make a point of keeping abreast of all changes, both instituted and proposed, to Australian immigration and ensure that relevant information is communicated to and understood by our clients.

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