26th April 2018
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What is a Visa Eligibility Assessment (VEA)?

Q. What is a Visa Eligibility Assessment (VEA)?
 Our Visa Eligibility Assessment (VEA) uses advanced software technology designed exclusively for Haag Walker Lawyers. The VEA relies on tailored questions specifically designed to quickly & automatically determine whether you are likely to satisfy the basic threshold criteria of your nominated visa subclass.

Our VEA is useful in providing an indicative assessment of your potential visa options, but please note it is in no way a guarantee of your application outcome.
It is limited by various factors, including;

  • the visa subclass selected by you at Step 1 of the process,
  • the questions it asks,
  • the accuracy of the information submitted in response to those questions.

We recognise that a comprehensive migration assessment and the formulation of an effective migration strategy requires detailed instruction about your particular circumstances.
While every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of our VEA results, given its limitations, it should be used as a guide only and not as a substitute for a detailed assessment of your individual circumstances and needs.
Also, there may be an alternative or a more suitable visa option(s) available to you that you have not considered or thought appropriate. This means that despite an "unsuccessful" VEA result we may neverthless be able to provide you with an alternative strategy for migration to Australia.  To this end, we suggest that you consider opting for one of our advisory services if you would like to further exploring the possibility of an alternative migration pathway. 
Upon retaining the services of Haag Walker Lawyers, your particular case will be personally and thoroughly assessed by one of our highly trained professionals. At this stage, we will provide you with comprehensive, tailored advice regarding the feasibility of your case, including informing you of any alternative options you may not have considered.

Additional Requirements:
It’s important to understand that eligibility for your nominated visa category requires that you are able to pass the points test AND meet certain other basic requirements. Some of these extra requirements are likely to include;

  • Skills Assessment: You must first obtain a positive skills assessment from an approved assessing body for your nominated occupation before you lodge your visa application.
  • Health & Character Check: If you are planning to visit or live in Australia, and are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you and all secondary applicants listed in your application will be required to undergo a health examination and pass specific health requirements before a visa can be issued.

    You and all secondary applicants are also required to be ‘of good character’ in order to live in or visit Australia. This is determined by      Australian authorities and you may be asked to provide evidence, such as police certificates for every country you have resided in since turning 16 years of age for 12 months or longer over the previous 10 years.

  • IELTS – International English Language Testing System: In order to claim the relevant number of points allocated for the English language level nominated, you must be able to provide an IELTS test result. This must show evidence that your English language ability is at the level nominated by you as part of the preliminary migration assessment process.
    If you are not able to provide an IELTS test result at the nominated level, you will not be able to claim the relevant points for English.This in   turn will impact on the number of points you’re able to claim in total and therefore your eligibility to apply for your nominated visa.
  • Employment Evidence: You will need to provide certified copies of your work references from your current and previous employers, detailing the position/s you held and the duties you performed.

    These will be examined by the Department of Immigration & Citizenship to determine whether your work experience is relevant to your nominated occupation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take for my visa application to be processed and finalised?

A. The processing time for visa applications will vary according to the visa class being applied for, and the priority order in which applications are processed by the Department of Immigration.

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