19th January 2018
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Departmental changes under the new government

10.10.2013 02:55 Age: 4 yrs

The recent change of government at the federal election has brought with it a number of changes to the way immigration policy and programs are administered, not least of which is a new name for the former Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), which will now be known as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). This will be the ninth change of name for the department since 1974.

Flowing on from this change are a variety of other changes that will be implemented progressively over the coming months:

  • DIBP will manage the core areas: entry to Australia, stay and departure. This includes citizenship, customs and border immigration control (except quarantine)
  • Settlement and multicultural affairs matters will pass to the new Department of Social Services
  • The Department of Industry will now manage the Adult Migrant English Program

Customs and border-control policy was previously under the Attorney-General’s portfolio, but is now a portfolio agency under DIBP.

A number of humanitarian, social, arts and multicultural programs once administered by DIAC have been moved out of the new department into the Department of Social Services.

DIBP will continue to administer citizenship as previously carried out under DIAC.




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