26th April 2018
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Increase to Australian Visa Application Charges

24.06.2013 02:16 Age: 5 yrs

Australian visa fee increase

The Australian Minister for Immigration and Citizenship has announced that from the 1st July 2013, new pricing arrangements for Australian visas will be introduced.

Under the new arrangements, the Visa Application Charge (VAC) will be assessed and applicable to each individual applicant included on an individual or combined Australian visa application

In addition to the introduction of charges for additional applicants in a combined application, the new changes will also introduce a new charge for subsequent temporary applications applied for in Australia, and for visa applications that are not lodged through the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenships (the Department) online service.


What is the Visa Application Charge (VAC)?

A Visa Application Charge (VAC) is the monetary fee that must be paid in Australian dollars in order to lodge an Australian visa application. In some cases, this fee is payable in two instalments, where one part is payable at the time of lodgement and the other payable before the visa grant is issued.

The circumstances of a particular applicant as well as the kind of Australian visa sought will determine the types of charges included in the total VAC amount that is payable at the time of lodging the visa application.

What are the new visa application charges applicable from 1 July 2013?

First Instalment

From 1 July 2013, the following components of the Visa Application Charge (VAC) will be assessed against the circumstances and visa type sought in an application.

Components which are assessed as applicable to the application, will then be combined to total the first instalment of the Visa Application Charge.

The four components of assessment are;

The base application charge. Every Australian visa application will include a base application charge. In some cases the base application charge is nil, or in some instances exceptions to the usual base application charge may be sought.

If an application is a combined visa application (i.e. - it includes more than one applicant) then the base application charge only needs to be paid by the main applicant.

An additional applicant charge. An additional applicant charge will be payable for each additional visa applicant when there is more than one visa applicant in a combined visa application, unless exemptions apply.

The payable amount of the additional applicant charge is determined by the visa type and the applicant’s age, and is only payable for people who are applying for the visa and intend to visit Australia along with the main applicant.

Please note that not all Australian visa types allow additional applicants to be included in the primary application.

A non-internet application charge. The non-internet application charge will need to be paid if it were possible for an application to be lodged through the Departments online service, but the applicant either;

  • chose to apply using a paper form and lodge it with the Department by post, courier, fax, email, or in person.
  • chose to apply for a Resident Return visa application by telephone or in person.

Note: the non-internet application charge will only apply once, even if there is more than one applicant in the visa application.

 A subsequent temporary application charge. For certain temporary visas which can be applied for while already within Australia, a subsequent temporary application charge may apply.

Where this charge applies, it will need to be paid by each person in the application and is based on each individual’s temporary visa history.

The subsequent temporary application charge will need to be paid in addition to any other visa charges that apply to the nvisa application at the time of lodgement with the Department.

Note: subsequent temporary application charge will not apply to the first visa granted to an applicant from within Australia.  Also, the charge does not apply to applications for bridging visas, criminal justice visas, enforcement visas or for permanent visa applications.

From 1st July 2013, the above four components will be assessed and calculated for each Australian visa application. The first instalment of the visa application charge (VAC) is the total of all of the components that must be paid in order to lodge the application with the Department.

Second instalment

In addition to the first instalment of the visa application charge, for some Australian visa types a further visa charge may apply and a second instalment required in order to be granted the visa.

If a second instalment is required for a visa to be issued, this will need to be paid after the application has been lodged (along with the first instalment of the VAC) but before the visa can be granted. Note that this second instalment will not be required if a visa application is refused.


How will these changes to the visa application charge affect a visa application?

The cost of the first instalment of the Visa Application Charge will depend on when an application is received by the Department.

Where a visa application has been lodged and the first instalment charge paid to the Department before the 1st July 2013, these new charges will not apply.

If the visa application charge or foreign currency rate changes in the time it takes for an application to be received by Department, the applicant may have to pay any difference in charges.

Note: If you are paying by credit card, there must be available funds to pay the total amount of the VAC payable, in order for the transaction to be successful.


Further Information on 1 July Visa Charge Increase

These new Visa Applications Charges do not take effect until 1st July 2013. F more information from the Department about the current fees and charges for Australian visa applications here:


The Department has also released a Proposed Visa Pricing Table outlining the new charges which will take effect from 1st July 2013. This table is intended to enable applicants to determine the charges which will apply to them and will be payable as part of the first instalment of the VAC when making their application.

To view the Departments Proposed Visa Pricing Table, please see;




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