27th April 2018
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New Minister’s vision for Australia’s migration programme

23.10.2013 08:15 Age: 5 yrs

The Minister for Immigration in the new federal government, Scott Morrison MP, has set out his vision for the future of Australia’s migration program.

There will be a strong focus on attracting migrants:

  • with the skills and work experience to help build Australia 
  • looking to improve their skills and education through study at Australian institutions of higher learning
  • looking to make a significant, long-term investment in Australia.

Almost seven out of ten people who migrate permanently to Australia have come here under the Permanent Skilled Migration Programme. The goal of the new government is to maintain and increase that proportion.  

The Minister recognised that more skilled workers come to Australia on a temporary visa to find an employer willing to sponsor them, and that:

“… these are exactly the productive migrants we want to encourage to stay. They have worked in our country. They have paid taxes from day one. They have improved their language skills through engagement in the workplace and in the community and off the clock and they are living and enjoying the Australian way of life they came to this country to enjoy, to experience, to be part of and to contribute to.”

Skills and hard work will be rewarded

The points test for migrants to Australia will continue to emphasise language skills, relevant work experience and tertiary qualifications. And the pathway of people coming here temporarily, proving their skills, then applying for permanent residency will continue to be encouraged.

Return of the Significant Investor Visa

Minister Scott Morrison also made clear that more attention will be paid to the Significant Investor Visa Programme, with a strong emphasis on attracting those who will invest in establishing small businesses, entrepreneurial start-ups or branches of companies that will employ Australians and strengthen international networks of contacts and relationships to help build Australia’s future through links around the world. 

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