With a record number of Partner Visa places included in the 2020/2021 Migration Program and again for the new Migration Program year for 2021/2022, partner visa applicants can anticipate fast tracked processing times for partner visas to continue for the year ahead.

Partner Visa Eligibility

A person may be considered the partner of an Australian Citizen or Australian Permanent Resident when they are validly married or in a de facto partner relationship with that person.  The relationship must also be assessed as genuine and continuing to the exclusion of all others, by reference to the following factors:

Lodging a Partner Visa Application

Partner visa applications are lodged online via the Department of Home Affairs Immi Account and must be sponsored by an eligible partner.  Importantly, the partner visa application must be accompanied by supporting documents evidencing each of the above matters.  Additional evidence is also required to demonstrate that visa applicants meet health and character requirements, and partners meet relevant sponsorship requirements.

Partner Visa Costs

As at the time of writing, the Department of Home Affairs Visa Application Charge for a Partner Visa is AU$7,715.00. The Visa Application charge is payable on lodgement of the visa application and is non-refundable if your Partner Visa application is refused.

When applying for a Partner Visa it is important to speak to an Immigration Lawyer to ensure that you meet the relevant criteria and have sufficient supporting documents before you apply.

Where you want an Immigration Lawyer to prepare your Partner Visa application and act on your behalf throughout the process, an immigration lawyer can assist you to:

  • Assess your and your sponsor’s eligibility to apply for an sponsor a partner visa based on your particular circumstances and immigration history;
  • Advise you on the type of supporting documents required to meet the legal requirements for a Partner Visa;
  • Ensure your partner visa application is decision-ready so as to avoid processing delays;
  • Guide you through the practical process and preparations required for your Partner Visa Application;
  • Ensure your supporting documents are updated at regular intervals throughout the processing of the application;
  • Represent you in all dealings with the Department of Home Affairs or the Administrative Appeals Tribunal regarding your Partner Visa, where any issues arise as part of the processing of your application.