Established in 2002, Haag Walker Lawyers practices exclusively in Australian immigration law. We are experts. Our singularity of focus and concentrated resources means we are able to optimise the carriage of client applications from the beginning of the process to final outcome.

As a client of Haag Walker Lawyers you will engage directly with our principal migration lawyer and Law Institute Accredited Immigration Law Specialist Melissa Haag, throughout your application process.

Our direct client contact methodology means that every aspect of your application will be managed by an Accredited Immigration Law Specialist.

Advice And Total Case Management Service

We amalgamate our professional and accurate immigration advice with meeting the convenience of our clients.  Accordingly we provide initial guidance and advice through either telephone or Skype video conferencing.

In our consultations, we will identify the most appropriate visa option for you. We will guide you along the most practicable pathway to migration. We will guide you away from potential difficulties which we see occurring all too often in self-prepared sponsorship, nomination, and visa applications.

If you wish to progress beyond the conferencing stage and take advantage of the Haag Walker Lawyers Total Case Management Service, you will engage a service focused on preparing for you a sponsorship, nomination or visa application that is decision ready.

Decision-ready applications lodged by Haag Walker Lawyers with the Department of Immigration (the Department) are processed by the Department as expeditiously as the Department’s processes will allow.

Rigorously prepared applications fully compliant with Australian law, Australian immigration practices, procedures and policies at the moment of lodgement are processed expeditiously because they are decision ready.

decision ready application carries the strongest prospects of success.  If an application is not decision ready we will provide comprehensive and realistic advice about readiness and further advice about forward options and planning.

Our Total Case Management Service

  1.  Advice provided in conference
  2.  Application of our advice
  3.  Questionnaire completed
  4.  All relevant documents provided to Haag Walker Lawyers via our secure Client Portal
  5.  Review client of file
  6.  Acceptance of Haag Walker Lawyers Total Case Management Service Costs Agreement
  7.  Preparation of application
  8.  Lodgement of application
  9.  Advice and guidance throughout the application process
  10.  Client advised of the Department’s decision and any further requirements and options.

Dual Regulation

Unlike many other migration service providers, our principal migration practitioner is both an Australian immigration lawyer and a registered migration agent. This means Haag Walker Lawyers is subject to regulation by the Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) and the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) so that you may be reassured we apply the highest level of legal knowledge, professional and ethical standards in our practice.

Client Protection – Client Legal Privilege  

Clients of Haag Walker Lawyers are able to claim the protection of client legal privilege. The privilege means lawful client communications with us are confidential and protected from disclosure in most circumstances unless a client gives up the privilege.

Clients of migration agents who are not lawyers are not entitled to claim Client Legal Privilege to protect from disclosure communications with their migration agent.