Fast Processing for new 482 Visa Applications

With the introduction of the new subclass 482 visa on 18 March 2018 came more stringent legal requirements to satisfy before making an application and clear powers enabling the Department of Home Affairs to refuse an application where supporting evidence was not provided at the time of application.

It was hoped that this decision ready model would lead to much-needed improvements in processing times for Australian businesses with a genuine need for highly skilled workers to be sponsored under the 482 visa program and based on the latest figures as at 15 May 2018 it seems that fast processing times for temporary skilled 482 visas are here!

The Department of Home Affairs reported on 15 May 2018 that after almost 2 months since the introduction of the subclass 482 visa program that processing times are as follows:

  • Temporary Skill Shortage 482 Visa (Short Term stream) – 75% processed within 11 days
  • Temporary Skill Shortage 482 Visa (Medium Term stream) – 75% processed within 11 days

The reported processing times are welcome news and better reflect the needs of Australian business than the previous 457 visa program which still faces up to 10 month wait times for outstanding applications.

However, fast 482 visa processing times will depend on the lodgement of well-prepared Sponsorship, Nomination and Visa applications which include all of the supporting documents to meet the detailed legislative criteria which must be assessed.  This includes evidence that the duties of the position are a genuine match for an occupation on the list, stringent Labour Market Testing requirements have been satisfied, that the salary to be paid is the Annual Market Salary for the nominated position, among many other requirements.

Other options for fast processing of 482 applications are also available by becoming an Accredited Sponsor which are afforded priority processing by Ministerial Direction No. 77.  As part of the introduction of the 482 visa program on 18 March 2018, the Accredited Sponsor program was also extended to ensure more Australian businesses can access priority processing of 482 applications.  Under the new requirements, a low risk, low volume employer of non-Australian workers with a turnover of more than $4M, that has been a sponsor for at least 1 year and sponsored at least 1 person in the last 2 years, may be able to access priority processing in less than 5 days or even auto grants in some circumstances.

The processing times quoted here are as reported by the Department of Home Affairs as at 15 May 2018.

Check the Department of Home Affairs current processing times for the subclass 482 visa here: