What you get

  • Comprehensive and professional management of your immigration application, including preparation & lodgment of your sponsorship, nomination, visa & citizenship applications, preparation of relevant forms, collation of supporting material, lodgment and monitoring.

  • Detailed and accurate knowledge of all aspects of Australian immigration law and policy affecting your application, and any upcoming changes that may affect your case.

  • Preparation and lodgment of your visa application in accordance with the relevant migration law and policy guidelines.

  • Direct contact with our Accredited Immigration Law Specialist throughout the process either by telephone, email or Client Portal.

  • The highest level of professionalism, ethics and service standards.

  • Expert advice on documentary requirements to satisfy the legal criteria for your application.

  • Formal representation and liaison with the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf.

  • Preparation of detailed legal submissions addressing each of the criteria and policy guidelines current at the time of lodgment.

  • Monitoring of your application post lodgement, advising and guiding you through any changes affecting your application during processing.

  • Extensive knowledge of all aspects of migration law, policy guidelines, and relevant case law, case law interpretations.


Our professional fees

Our fees are charged on a fixed fee stage basis. That way you know exactly what you will be charged for each stage of the application process and you will only be billed once we have completed the work for each stage.

Please book a telephone consultation to speak with our Accredited Immigration Lawyer, Melissa Haag, to receive advice and a quotation specific to your circumstances.

IMPORTANT: Our professional fees will vary depending on your particular circumstances and needs. For example, where there are complicating factors such as health and character issues, or where you require secondary or subsequent applicants are to be included in your application, additional charges may apply.

To provide you with an accurate costing in respect of our professional fees as well as identify any fees payable to third parties such as the Department of Immigration, it is important that we first take detailed instructions from you via a telephone consultation.  That way we can: first identify the most appropriate visa for you, make a determination in relation to any additional work required and advise you exactly as to the totall costs of your immigration application.